Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection
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The E-A-R Classic Soft Roll-Down earplugs are designed for insertion into the ear canal to help redu..
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This low attenuating metal detectable earplug is ideal for use in the food manufacturing industry or..
£392.00 Ex Tax: £392.00
The unique one size 3M E-A-R Tracer ear plug fits most ear canals comfortably and provides high leve..
£61.00 Ex Tax: £61.00
Low attenuation resuable earplug made from silicone rubber. The 3M E-A-R Ultrafit 14 earplug uses un..
£350.00 Ex Tax: £350.00
The 3M E-A-R Ultrafit 20 Earplug is ideal in lower noise levels. Correctly matched to the noise leve..
£322.00 Ex Tax: £322.00
When the convenience and permanence of a pre moulded earplug is more suitable for your needs, the un..
£249.20 Ex Tax: £249.20
The 3M E-A-R Ultrafit X earplugs feature an innovative pistol grip stem, its angled shape is designe..
£350.00 Ex Tax: £350.00
The 3M E-A-R Soft 21 earplugs provide excellent protection whilst being easy to use. They simply ..
£75.60 Ex Tax: £75.60
The 3M E-A-R Soft FX ear plug is the highest protecting earplug in their range today (SNR 39). With ..
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The 3M E·A·Rsoft Metal Detectable earplugs are made from slow expanding polyurethane foam material, ..
£89.60 Ex Tax: £89.60
AIRSOFT (NRR27) features a shell of soft attenuating material around a pocket of air that is comfort..
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Banded Ear Plugs EN 352-2 (SNR 27dB) Banded ear plugs, light and comfortable. Ideal for interm..
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Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs) EN 352-2 ANSI S3.19 (32dB) Ultra soft PU foam ear..
£17.85 Ex Tax: £17.85
Classic Ear Protector EN 352-1 (SNR 28dB) ANSI S3.19 (22dB) Light weight and robust, the PW..
£2.75 Ex Tax: £2.75
Clip-On Ear Protector EN 352-3 (SNR 26dB) ANSI S3.19 (22dB) The protectors can be put into ..
£4.79 Ex Tax: £4.79
Clip-on HV Ear Protector EN 352-3 (SNR 26dB) Hi-Visibility colour. Compatible with safety helm..
£5.20 Ex Tax: £5.20
• Corded Foam Earplugs, Disposable. • Found to be in conformity with council directive 89/686/EEC r..
£30.80 Ex Tax: £30.80
Corded PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs) EN 352-2 (SNR 37dB) ANSI S3.19 (32dB) Comfortable fit s..
£25.55 Ex Tax: £25.55
• Detectable brass metal safety component • It is found to be in conformity with council directive ..
£42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00
EN 352-2 (SNR 36dB) ANSI S3.19 (NRR 32dB) Detectable disposable ear plug. Comfortable fit thanks t..
£39.15 Ex Tax: £39.15
Detectable TPR Corded Ear Plug (50 pairs) EN 352-2 (SNR 30dB) ANSI S3.19 (NRR 24dB) Detectable an..
£25.06 Ex Tax: £25.06
Ear Plug Dispenser EN 352-2 ANSI S3.19 (32dB) Dispenser container for EP02. One gentle turn..
£46.90 Ex Tax: £46.90
• Free standing or wall mounted • Robust design • Easy twist action dispenser • Bottle rotates an..
£42.84 Ex Tax: £42.84
Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack EN 352-2 (SNR 37dB) ANSI S3.19 (32dB) 500 pairs of ear plugs..
£26.53 Ex Tax: £26.53
• Economy Ear Defender • Lightweight robust design • Adjustable headband • Conforms to EN352-1:20..
£59.22 Ex Tax: £59.22
Electronic Ear Muff EN 352-1 (SNR 27dB) EN 352-4 Fully-functioning electronic protector tha..
£28.33 Ex Tax: £28.33
Endurance Clip-On Ear Protector EN 352-3 (SNR 29dB) Excellent attenuation level, can be adjust..
£6.45 Ex Tax: £6.45
Endurance HV Ear Protector EN 352-3 (SNR 29dB) High-Visibility Colour. This product is compati..
£7.10 Ex Tax: £7.10
• Premium quality ear defender • Adjustable fold away headband • Self aligned earcups • Conforms ..
£38.78 Ex Tax: £38.78
Folding Safety Ear DefendersSNR 30db Folding headband SNR 30 decibel protection EN352-1 ..
£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.99
Food Detectable Ear Plug EN 352-2 (SNR 27dB) Food detectable ear plugs. Pre-moulded flange for..
£21.42 Ex Tax: £21.42
Fusion® detectable - SNR 28 • Patented dual material design stem is easy to grasp, ensures easy i..
£190.40 Ex Tax: £190.40
AS/NZS 2161 .2 AS/NZS 2161 .3 EN 388:2003 - ( CE EN 420 Special construction around th..
£5.18 Ex Tax: £5.18
Height Endurance Helmet EN 50365 Class:0 ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 TYPE I (Class E - LT (optional)) E..
£10.30 Ex Tax: £10.30
LASER-LITE (NRR 32) is the multi-color earplug that workers love to use. The non-irritating, non-all..
£112.39 Ex Tax: £112.39
PREMIUM FOAM EARPLUG Howard Laser Lite Refill for use with LS-500 dispenser. • SNR 35 • Self ad..
£33.60 Ex Tax: £33.60
All the economy, safety, comfort, attenuation ... and it's detectable, too. All these great features..
£67.20 Ex Tax: £67.20
• Heavy duty anodized aluminium withstands constant use • Mount on wall for easy access • Holds 50..
£466.93 Ex Tax: £466.93
• Wall or desk mountable  • Can be used with the following:  Max, Max Lite, Multi Max, X..
£67.65 Ex Tax: £67.65
Refill pack of 200 pairs. MAX-LITE (NRR 30) low pressure foam earplugs offer long-term user comfo..
£152.10 Ex Tax: £152.10