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24 L.E.D Inspection Torch CE RoHS Hand held inspection torch with 24 ultra bright L.E.D’s. Rub..
£4.55 Ex Tax: £4.55
3W CREE Torch CE RoHS Strong and durable precision engineered aluminium shell torch, uses n..
£10.99 Ex Tax: £10.99
7 L.E.D Rubber Torch CE RoHS The 7 L.E.D light combines all the benefits of precise enginee..
£4.34 Ex Tax: £4.34
Attachable Magnetic LED RoHS Superior lightweight magnetic LED clip can be applied to any garm..
£3.78 Ex Tax: £3.78
High Powered Pocket Torch CE RoHS Highly efficient and dependable torch with outstanding br..
£6.72 Ex Tax: £6.72
LED Head Light Head light with tilt control so you can aim the light where it is need most, ideal..
£4.06 Ex Tax: £4.06
CE RoHS This USB Rechargeable LED Cap Light is powerful with multiple settings and tilt control. I..
£8.68 Ex Tax: £8.68
Portwest Dual Power Head Light CE RoHS This powerful and reliable headlight utilises innova..
£5.60 Ex Tax: £5.60
CE RoHS Brightness: 150/40 LumensBeam Distance: 10m (side light), 20m (top light)Run time: 4/10 Ho..
£5.39 Ex Tax: £5.39
Portwest Ultra Inspection Torch CE RoHS The Ultra Inspection Torch illuminates automaticall..
£19.49 Ex Tax: £19.49
PW High Powered Enforcer CE RoHS The ultimate in security torches, the PW High Powered Enfo..
£26.53 Ex Tax: £26.53
PW Ultra Power Head Light CE RoHS The Ultra Power Head Light uses cutting edge design and t..
£22.82 Ex Tax: £22.82
Taskforce Security Torch CE RoHS Highly efficient and multi-functional hand held torch with..
£17.36 Ex Tax: £17.36
CE RoHS Swivel stand base can rotate 180°. Durable aluminium housing.Power bank function can be ch..
£32.06 Ex Tax: £32.06
CE RoHS COB LED bulb delivers a wider and brighter lighting area. Its SMD LED bulb top light offer..
£27.79 Ex Tax: £27.79
CE RoHS This USB rechargeable head light has multiple light settings, tilt control and a soft adju..
£13.03 Ex Tax: £13.03
Waterproof Headlight CE Versatile lighting solution in any environment with multi-function set..
£8.75 Ex Tax: £8.75